Graphical Receipt Printing

With the correct receipt printer installed, you can print out the PakMail logo on each receipt, using the steps below.

Receipt Logo Printing

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do not enable receipt logo printing unless you are using a CTS-2000 or CT-310 printer.  


This feature is not intended for other receipt printers or label printers as receipt.

To enable the logo on receipts, you must enable graphical receipts.  You must have appropriate printers, printer drivers installed and selected.  


These features are enabled ”by machine”.  You could have a CTS-2000 on your server and utilize this feature, while you may have an older printer on a client and not be able to use this feature.

Requirements To Print Logo On Receipt

1) **A second generation thermal receipt printer Citizen model CT-S2000 or CTS-310.

2) New Windows components: .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0 installed.

3) Upgraded report components installed: Crystal 13.

4) Other printer models, label printers, and receipt printer brands have not been tested.

5) The appropriate thermal printer driver for the printer installed and set in ReSource.  

6) Windows ”Generic / Text Only” driver will not work with this feature!!

Receipt Logo Images

To enable the logo on receipts, you must enable Graphical Receipts.  You must have appropriate printers, printer drivers installed and selected.


In Program Setup - Store Information – General (tab) – Advanced Receipt Options (sub-tab), are options for logo printing.



When you select Graphical, the logo option will appear to the right.


IMPORTANT: Your receipt graphic must be located in C:\ReSource\ReSourcePOS\PreviewArtFiles directory.  Your receipt graphic file must be 96 DPI, no wider than 265 pixels


Print / No Print Screen When Using Graphical Receipt


If you preview receipts, the end-of-sale screen is a little different:



Note, in graphical receipt mode, the Transaction # and any shipping tracking numbers are larger and bold.

Each day, due to using the new Windows components, the first time the graphical receipt preview shows will take an extra few seconds to appear. Subsequent receipts will print as normal

Graphical Receipt - CTS-2000 Driver Installation Steps

If you have a CTS-2000, but do not have the native Citizen CTS-2000 drivers installed, ReSource Service has created a downloadable set of install steps to help you or your technician install the driver needed to use the new graphical receipt features.  Open a web browser, and type this address as it appears below.



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