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ReSource provides the Copy Utility as one tool in your backup plan.  This program is a simple tool to make a duplicate of files necessary to run the ReSource software.   The Copy Utility is a tool designed to help you make a consistent backup to your local machine.  We strongly recommend you use the Copy Utility as one part of a backup plan to protect your valuable store data.  Another important part of any backup plan is consistent Off Site Backups.


Setup The Copy Utility

Before you begin copying your files, click the Setup button and make sure the utility's settings are the way you want them to be.





Once the system has been setup, press the Begin Copy button, wait until all files are copied, then press the Done button.  In many cases, the Copy Utility is setup to run automatically when you turn on the computer in the morning.  If you leave your computer on, you will need to remember to manually run the Copy Utility once per day to get a consistent backup.







Setup The Copy Utility



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